Online personal loans – Up to € 50,000 in 48 hours

With personal loans, you can get the financing you need instantly, without complications, for any purpose and without carrying out just paperwork. Compare and choose among the best offers of fast personal loans in the market and get the money you need instantly and with the best conditions for your profile.

What do we consider fast personal loans?

In the fast personal loans category, we include all those products that allow you to obtain money in a few minutes without the need to present additional guarantees such as a guarantee or a property. Depending on the kind of personal loan we refer to, the speed of the concession can be a few minutes or a few hours, without exceeding a maximum of two days.

In this way, minicréditos are considered fast if they are granted in 15 minutes or less, but large personal loans are urgent if they are granted in 48 hours since the amount of money they grant us is much higher.

How long does each type of personal loan take?

Currently, a large variety of fast personal loans are commercialized with advantages and conditions designed to meet certain financing needs: to solve unforeseen events, to finance urgent purchases … In the following infographic, prepared by the team, we show all types of personal online loans that are ordered from highest to lowest concession speed.

When will I receive the quick money in my account?

As we have seen in the previous image, the fast personal loans have a different concession time according to the type to which we go . However, although the entities of fast mini-credits are the most agile in their concession, it can happen that the money takes up to two days to reach our account. This is due to the delay in interbank transfers.

As these lenders use current accounts to transfer the money to their customers, even if they give the order to transfer the money quickly at the moment, the banks do not always issue the transfer order at the moment, resulting in a long waiting time.

With this free guide developed by the experts of HelpMyCash we can know the tricks with which to get the money from personal loans in minutes and without delays, to know why the money takes longer according to the bank where we have the accounts or to which entity to go according to Our bank to get fast money from personal loans with no commissions.

Faster loans when requested through ‘apps’

One of the most attractive advantages of online personal loans is that you do not have to send a lot of documentation during the application process. Also, thanks to the incorporation of certain online verification applications, in many cases we can even get fast personal loans without paperwork of any kind. Let’s see what documents should be presented in general when ordering these products:

  1. Proof of income

  2. Identification document

  3. Bank statement

In general, this documentation is sent by email or attached to the application form itself. However, it must be said that many companies perform all their checks through automatic identification systems, so you do not have to send them anything. In these cases, you just have to enter the data of our online banking in the corresponding app so that the lender can see our personal, labor and financial information (you can never modify it).

Online forms for fast personal loans

Just a few years ago, in order to obtain quick personal loans, we had to go to our own bank, which already had many of the analyzes already carried out, to request them and obtain them in less than a week. Currently, due to fintech, we can request fast personal loans without payroll through the Internet with the online forms of your web pages. Generally, entities will request the following information:

  • Amount and term of the loan

  • Contact information

  • Personal information

  • Economic situation

  • Employment situation

Thanks to the analysis algorithms they have, we can obtain a pre-approval instantly and with the verification of the data with the online identification applications get the credit approval fast at the moment.

How to apply for quick personal loans step by step

Currently, the request for online personal loans is made through the Internet, since it is the most agile method to do so, not only for the automation of many steps but also because it allows us to do it at any time and in any place. Although this involves a new process to hire them.

  1. Fill in the application form. It is the first step to formalize the application. In this form, we will detail the data that the entity needs to analyze our profile, which will be analyzed through automatic algorithms, and give us a pre-approval at the moment.

  2. Send the documents that you request according to the type of quick personal loan to which we attend the delivery of the documentation will vary. Some lenders allow you to verify the information without paperwork through the online identification applications, although others will ask to go to your entity to deliver the documents.

  3. Read and sign the contract. Finally, once analyzed the data of the documents and certify that they coincide with those of the online form, they will approve our request and send us the contract document to sign it.

With the contract signed the entity will give the order of transfer of the personal loan cheap and we will receive it in the indicated account in a time that will oscillate between 15 minutes and 48 hours.

The links of fast personal loans

By linking we understand those products that the entities oblige us to contract to be able to obtain the financing that we need. The most usual thing, if we go to a bank, is that we have to direct our income (or receipts) and to contract some insurance, generally of life.

However, although conventional personal loans tend to have some linked product, fast personal loans online do not usually have, since the additional contracting of other financial services implies more paperwork and, therefore, more time in the concession.

Therefore, to distinguish fast personal loans, we must look for offers of credits that do not require the mandatory contracting of these products.